Twitter Changes 140-Character Limit and More

Twitter Changes 140-Character Limit and More

Virginia Jacobs, Editor

Twitter, the well known and popular social media platform, is going to introduce multiple changes in order to make communication between users more convenient and reliable.

The most influential and controversial change being made will be a modification to the 140-character limit.

Although they will not be expanding this character limit they are making it easier to get more ideas into one tweet by allowing tagging users at the beginning of a tweet, using photos, GIFs and video to be used within a tweet without it counting as a ‘character.’

This change will allow for more thoughts being able to make it into a tweet and will relieve many Twitter users of the hassle of changing their tweet and/or making it grammatically incorrect in order to fit the character limit.

Along with the change to the 140-character limit users will also now be able to retweet their own tweets. Say for example you tweeted something a month ago and you want people to see that thought again – you can now retweet your own tweet to bring it back to everyone’s feed.

Twitter seems to be making many changes lately in order to fit the wants and needs of their users. The star has been changed to a heart, you can direct message people from the home screen, the overall look was altered, and now the character limit was made easier to meet and you can bring old ideas back up to the surface.

Many people have mixed opinions about this change in character count. However, some La Salle students seem to think that these changes will be beneficial.

Junior Delina Biniam is excited about this increased flexibility on the character count, saying “It’s hard to express my opinions on things [when I’m] limited on my speech.”

Similarly, junior Abby Vincent said, “I think it’ll be mostly good because there are times when I can’t get out everything I want to say with the character limit. So being able to write more at certain times will be beneficial.”

Read below what other Twitter users have to say about this change to the 140-character limit:

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