World at a Glance: NY Costumes, ISIS, Mississippi Changes, and Zika Virus

Emma Herder, Staff Reporter

News in New York: New York Costumer Problem


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If you have ever been to New York, you have probably seen all types of people in Times Square, from little kids to those dressed up in costumes. However, this may not be the case next time that you visit New York. It was just recently announced that “new rules for pedestrian plazas… could restrict Times Square’s costumed characters and painted women to designated zones.” This has brought about both positive and negative opinions. Most of these costumed people are not in favor of this new act, but others are thankful that this problem/situation will disappear. If the final plan to herd costumed people away from Times Square is fully approved, which may be in May or June as the article states, then other states may consider rethinking their very own laws. For instance, would Hollywood and its street performers take this same approach?

International News: Dealing with ISIS 


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Many of us struggle to understand what is really going on with ISIS, as it is often times confusing. Yet, the recent news regarding ISIS is something that people can wrap their heads around. If you are expecting intense, action packed events, then you may be disappointed with how the US is now dealing with ISIS. The US is now dealing with ISIS from a viewpoint where quality and efficiency of attacks is put over quantity. Attacks on ISIS are still occurring, yet the bombings are now backed with stronger reasoning: they attack ISIS in the present time, but also interfere with ISIS plans for the future. The banks in the Middle East, for example, are now carefully monitored. This occurs in order to stop money from getting into the wrong hands. For instance, “the Treasury and its European counterparts are pursuing a number of paths to cut the flow of cash to the group and to keep it from using the international banking system.” Other tactics also continue to stop ISIS in its beginning tracks, by interfering with ISIS’ powerful strategies. These are just one of the ways that prove how impactful a mature strategy can be.

Changes in Mississippi: Religion and Morals


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Gays, lesbians, and transgender people have seemed to be in the spotlight for quite some time. This is due to the fact that when an issue involves these people, it is usually broadcasted carefully, as it is a sensitive topic for many. Recently, though, Mississippi has argued that gays, lesbians, and transgender people are allowed to be treated differently when the issue of religious beliefs come into factor. The following goes more into detail about this: “Among the scenarios described in the report, which was signed by 10 law professors: A school mental health counselor could refuse to work with a transgender student, a government agency manager could require female employees to wear skirts or dresses, [and] a religious university could fire a single mother working in the cafeteria.” Clearly, those in Mississippi who created this law believe that there is a fine line between religion and the sex of others. They believe that gays, lesbians, and transgender people should not always have the spotlight in their favor; the needs of religious groups should also be emphasized.

International News: Zika Virus


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While the Zika virus may not seem to majorly affect people many people currently, it will most definitely affect great numbers in the future. Rumors have spread that the Zika virus affects women who are pregnant. However, unlike many rumors, this has turned out to be the exact, full truth. The Zika virus affects newborn babies whose mothers got bit by a mosquito carrying the Zika virus, causing the baby to have a smaller head. While this news seems to matter only to expecting parents, it should matter to all. It was also mentioned that “The important part is that the C.D.C. can now take action without having to spend time trying to confirm the link…” and that “…much remains unknown, including whether Zika harms other organs…” So, while the puzzling pieces are being put together, with a fraction of the picture complete, the Zika virus should not lose any attention.