Athlete of the Week: Jordan Gloden

Emma Herder, Staff Reporter

image1zoomed in jordan

Jordan Gloden is not your typical high school athlete. While others may play two sports throughout the course of the year, Jordan Gloden plays two sports throughout the spring season: track and lacrosse. While it must be challenging to take on this stressful schedule, Jordan has done so since last year.

Gloden states that playing two sports is “..sort of hard at first because your body is not used to it and you have to figure out when you [need to] do homework. But after that, it’s alright.” Jordan’s track records further prove how he has been able to cope with two sports. Currently, Jordan is ranked in the top five in the district for both 300-meter hurdles and 110-meter hurdles, about a second away from tying the current first place 110-meter Sandy hurdler. Jordan casually responded to these rankings, saying, “It’s pretty cool I guess.”

Track is not as much of a team sport as lacrosse is. Therefore, Jordan’s personal success is a little different to measure in lacrosse. However, Gloden points out that “it’s a lot more rewarding when someone scores in lacrosse because it’s usually a team effort.” So, while each sport can be measured by a win or a loss, Jordan measures each sport by the different aspects that they each bring.

What are Jordan’s tips and tricks for being able to pull all of this off? Jordan said that the best advice he’s ever been given is to “drink water, don’t eat anything bad, be aggressive,” saying that this is “…the classic stuff.” Taking matters into his own hands, though, Jordan states that in order to prepare for this spring season he “went to a trainer with my sisters… [and] also played some catch for lax.”

Not everyone is able to put in the dedication and time commitment to two spring sports, but most should be able to support Jordan and his teammates next week where the lacrosse team plays Wilsonville on May 3rd and the track team competes against Parkrose and Hillsboro on May 4th!