Lot Whitcomb Christmas Drive Supports 39 Families


Amanda Stewart, Editor

Each year students live out the the La Salle motto “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” as they raise money and bring in gifts for the families of our neighbor grade school Lot Whitcomb. Last year students and staff raised $6000 that went to support 36 families, and this year we are hoping to match that $6000 and continue to help more families.

This year students are supporting 39 Lot Whitcomb families. New this year is a slightly different approach, with gifts being given to the families for the kids under 12 years old and more will be provided for the clothing needs and average toy requests.

Also new is that teachers who don’t have a Falcon Formation class, as well as staff in the La Salle center and main office, have been raising money that will be going towards providing a Christmas party for the Lot Whitcomb families in the La Salle Center on December 17th. This party will include games, crafts, movies and food. At this time the families will receive the gifts students here at La Salle have provided for them. The goal of having this Christmas party is to create a more close relationship between these families and students here at La Salle.

When asked what the main purpose of this drive is Mr. Barba said, “To try and connect La Salle with a greater community. It’s not just about the success of the kids here but that we raise the standard and expectations of the community. This comes with thinking about local community, doing things and actually getting to know them.”

So far $2,600 have been raised with only one more money collection left on December 8th. Given the large amount of money left to be collected, Mr. Barba emphasized the need for students to bring in any donations they can on this day.