La Salle Clubs Offer a Place for Everyone


Last year's Robotics Club poses as they hold up one of their creations.

Emrie Good, Staff Reporter

The La Salle Falconer got the inside scoop from the 2015-2016 club moderators for quotes and club meeting information. These clubs let La Salle create opportunities for students to get involved in the community and with their fellow peers.


Ping-Pong Club

Religion teacher Mr. Kendrick, is the staff moderator and simply loves Ping-Pong and the high energy needed. “I employ the use of the upside down paddle and tactics of massive spin and confusion.” he says. Member Anthony Manzon is looking forward to having fun with his friends. “I am mainly looking forward to getting to bond with everyone,” he says. Ping-Pong club meets in 123b and over the weekends.

Hearthstone club

A year ago, sophomore Evans Brackenbrough founded Hearthstone Club. “I found that other high schoolers also enjoyed the game,” Brackenbrough says. “This club was made to organize tournaments for all the players here at La Salle.” Hearthstone is a fast paced online strategy card game. If interested in joining this club, their meetings are after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-3:30.

Volunteer Club

Founder Emma Ly, junior, wanted to give students the opportunity to give back and reach out to the community. “I want the club to elevate to such a compelling standard of service that everyone, regardless of their status, will be impacted by its effects,” Ly says. Volunteer Club members will be notified via Schoology message about upcoming events.

Tea and Music Club

Junior Anna Meyer and English teacher Mr. Stiff teamed up to create a great way for students to discover new artists and genres. Meyer says, “I want to hear new music and listen to people’s feelings about them.” Tea and Music Club meets every Wednesday morning.

Spirit Club

Already in full swing, Spirit Club is attending the majority of the sports teams’ games. Member and senior, Natalie Herder, loves seeing the student body dressing according to the themes and cheering from the stands. Herder talks about the importance of Spirit Club, “The purpose is to bring cheer and spirit to the teams so they know they have fans who love and support them.”

Little Dresses for Africa Club

Junior Bailey Higgins says creating this club helped her with her leadership skills while making an impact not only on La Salle’s community, but in communities in Africa. “The more dresses we can make, the more dresses there are to be shipped over to a village for little girls to wear,” Higgins says. Club meetings are once a month and they begin on October 17th.

Otaku Club

Otaku Club is for those who want to learn about Japanese culture and watch anime. Member Megan Ng wanted this club to be inclusive to the whole La Salle community. Ng says, “I wanted a place that people could come have fun and be themselves.” Otaku Club meets Mondays and Fridays in room 205 at both lunches.

Movie Club

Co-founder Joseph Hoang, a junior, is looking forward to bonding and being with the other students in the club. “We can all just chill, have a good time and watch some of our favorite movies,” Hoang says.  The location and time of the meetings have yet to be decided.  

Flannel Club

Math teacher Mr. Swanson is the staff moderator for Flannel Club. When junior John Stafford came up with the idea of Flannel Club, it was hard to resist. “He wanted me to be the staff guy, and I couldn’t tell him no,” Mr. Swanson says. This year he’s excited to be a part of the flannel wearers: “It’s fun to have an identity us flannelers share!” All club members simply have to wear their favorite flannel or plaid shirts on Fridays.

Chess Club

Chess club are for students who like the strategic game and competing. Senior Alex Yeo says that “I want to have fun playing chess and also preparing for league matches.” Chess players meet after school on Fridays. They also travel to Lincoln High School for league matches on Wednesdays.

Gaming/Agario Club

Mr. Kendrick is facilitating both clubs. He’s waiting for the opportunity to try his hand in battling against other players in Agario. “I have not had the pleasure of enjoying becoming a bigger blob and eating smaller blobs,” he says. Gaming Club will meet on Fridays at 3:05-4:00 in room 123b on Fridays. Gaming Club and Agario Club will be at the same time and location.

Badminton Club

P.E. teacher, Mrs. Schuster, and seniors Jack Miller and Thomas Foy wanted a club that is a great way to stay active, and have fun with peers. “Participating in clubs is a great avenue for students at La Salle to make the most of their high school experience!” Mrs. Schuster says. Badminton Club will meet Wednesdays after school in the cafeteria.

Outdoor Club

Also returning this year, is Outdoor Club, founded by Spanish teacher, Mrs. Kessler. She felt that her own experience could be passed down onto her students. She says, “I felt I could transfer my passion and spark interest in students in order to build community.” Send Mrs. Kessler or Mr. Barstow a Schoology message to be added to the group.

Backpacking Club

There is a fast approaching immersion trip coming up. Over Thanksgiving break will be the first immersion trip of the year. If interested, see Christian Krantz or Sean Henson. These immersion trips are open to all grades. Students must pay for the trip themselves and get parent permission.

Skateboard Club

Skateboarding Club member Luke Guasco explains his excitement to be included in this club: “All of my friends are together, just having fun and messing around.” The club members try to meet at least once each week.


In addition to all those listed above, the following clubs’ staff and student moderators were not able to be quoted: Business Club, Book Club, Speech and Debate, Robotics, and Botany Club, and Mindfulness Cafe.

Let us know below which club is your favorite and what clubs you want to see in the future!