Top Ten Things to do in Summer


Amanda Stewart, Staff Reporter

As you all know summer is shortly approaching. Summer is the perfect time for relaxing and hanging out with friends but we have all had those days in the summer where we feel like we have nothing to do. Well, good news: I have a few things that I love to do and that you should all try out. Check out this list below to find new and exciting things to do.

1. Hike

When you are bored and ready to let some energy out. Get some friends and go on a hike. See the story Hiking Hotspots for the perfect place to go.

2. Swimming Holes

Lewisville Park is the perfect spot for a family or friend hang out on a cool summer’s day. At this park you are able to take a dip in the nice and refreshing swim hole. Pack a picnic lunch, bring towels, tanning lotion and make a nice long day out of this trip.

3. Biking

Portland is very well known for biking. There are many trails for all levels of bike riders. Biking is the perfect way to have fun and also get good exercise at the same time

4. Beach day

One of the many great things about Oregon is that we have beaches very close. Take a car full of friends and drive down to the beach for the day. Don’t forget to go to the candy store and get ice cream from the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

5. Kahneeta

Although Kahneeta requires a long drive, it is completely worth it. Kahneeta is the perfect place to soak up the sun poolside, enjoy fun waterslides and just relax with friends.

6. Saturday Market

Driving around town on a Saturday you will see many different Saturday markets but one that you should not miss out on this summer is the one on the downtown waterfront. Portland’s largest Saturday market has many stands selling things like fresh fruit and handmade crafts. Walk around downtown, listen to the local music, and get a delicious lunch down at the Saturday market.

7. Fair

Oregon hosts many great fairs. One of the most popular fairs is the Clackamas County Fair, which goes from August 18th to the 23rd. The fair has many different things to do like go on rides and have delicious foods.

8. Rodeo

One of the greatest things to do in the summer is go to a rodeo. Many people don’t go to these so they are definitely something new and exciting to do. The St. Paul Rodeo is hosted every summer in a small country town in Oregon called St. Paul. You can see many fun things at the rodeo such as bull riding.

9. Outdoor Concerts

This summer many new artists will be coming to Portland. The perfect way to enjoy these concerts is being outdoor with all your friends. Concert tickets may be expensive but the cost is so worth the new experiences.

10. Zoo

The perfect place to go and explore is the Oregon Zoo. Pack a lunch, bring friends and enjoy a nice long day walking around looking at cute animals.


These are just a few of the many great things you can do this summer. Comment below your favorite summer activities.

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