Humans of La Salle: What Your La Salle Peers Are Watching

Nicholas Boeh, Staff Reporter

Television is a huge part of today’s society and there are so many television shows to choose from. Here are some personal favorites from La Salle students.

Will Huynh, a junior, says his favorite show is FX’s “American Horror Story.” He says, “It is unpredictable and mysterious.” His favorite actor on the show is Sarah Paulson. She has portrayed various characters on the show such as Billie Dean Howard, Lana Winters, Cordelia Foxx, and Bette and Dot Tattler. He would recommend the show to horror fans. *




Alessandro Ranieri, a sophomore, says his favorite TV show is “Family Guy.” He says, “It appeals to my sense of humor.” His favorite character is Peter Griffin, the character whom the the show revolves around. He recommends the show to people who don’t get offended easily. “Family Guy” can viewed on FOX and Adult Swim.




Sean Henson, a junior, said his favorite show is AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” He likes the show for its characters, entertainment value, and action. He especially likes the show’s Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman, two of the show’s major characters. He recommends it to anyone who likes television. *




Jack Wilber, a freshman, says his favorite show is “Psych.” He especially likes the character of Shawn Spencer, one of the show’s main protagonists. He also likes the humor and crime on the show. He recommends the show to a more mature audience that likes violence. “Psych” can be viewed on USA Network and ION Television.




Stephen Leeb, sophomore, says he likes ABC’s “The Goldbergs.” He thinks the show is great and overall, very comedic. He recommends the show to people who enjoy family comedies.




Reyce Shadder, a junior, says that his favorite show is Comedy Central’s “Brickleberry.” His favorite character is the animated bear voiced by Daniel Tosh, Malloy. He recommends the show to teenagers because they have an immature sense of humor. *




Sean Richardson, a junior, says his favorite show on television is ABC’s “Modern Family.” He says, “The show is funny and I can connect with it on a on a deep level.” He also thinks it’s interesting how the show is a mockumentary. He thinks that the show is good for any range of people.




*This show is rated TV-MA. In result, this show may not be appropriate for all students.