Humans of La Salle: Looking Back on High School

Nikki LaFrance, Staff Reporter

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In this edition of Humans of La Salle, students were asked if they could give themselves advice at the beginning of high school, what would they say and would they change any big decisions that were made.


Tu-Nhi Bui- Freshman


“Even though I’m a freshman, at the beginning of the year I would tell myself to make sure that the friends I choose are good and really true because it’s hard losing friends that you thought were your best friends, but turned out [not to be].”


Jared Fontenette- Sophomore  



“If I could give myself advice at the beginning of high school, I would tell myself to look in the mirror before I leave the house everyday because I look at old pictures and wonder what was going through my mind sometimes..even though I thought I was great, my outfits weren’t. I just think at school you should look nice to present yourself. I don’t think I would change any decisions I’ve made, because everything happens for a reason and the decisions I’ve made makes me the great person I am today.”


Joel Simmons- Sophomore


“Some advice I would give myself at the beginning of freshman year? To know that you’re not going to be friends with everyone so the best thing to do is do what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. Basing your big life decisions off of yourself and not others if the best way to go”


Kalina Rivera- Junior


 “If I had the chance to give advice to myself as a freshman I would make sure that I try hard in all of my work, even if I really hate it. It is really affecting me now as a junior because of all the times I would slack off as a freshman. If I could change any big decisions I’ve made, I think it would definitely be taking track. Coach Hazel kept trying to get me to do track this season and I kept saying no but now I really regret it.”


Natalie Herder- Junior


 “Advice for freshman year? Definitely don’t get sucked into the drama because it really affects your school work and emotions. If I could change any decisions I’ve made it would be to try harder junior year because I feel like I’ve really been slacking and I know that I could’ve tried harder.”


Kevin Luyamba- Senior


 “For the beginning of high school I would tell myself that things aren’t always gonna go your way, and so when things don’t, just know that you always have the chance to improve. This idea goes along with wanting to succeed in school, and also the kind of friendships you make. If I could change any big decisions I’ve made in high school it would be not giving it my all when my soccer team went to state finals.”