Movie Review: Gone Girl


Clarice Beasley, Editor

With Halloween nearing, Gone Girl is a perfect movie to leave you both chilled and confused without being completely frightened. Released October 3rd, Gone Girl, a proclaimed thriller/drama, is one of the most intense movies to be released in 2014.

Based off the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, it begins by profiling Nick Dunne, a young writer in Missouri, who wakes up on the day of his 5th wedding anniversary to find his wife, Amy, missing. After a series of phone calls, he is in a detective’s office, giving the detective any knowledge about her disappearance he may have. As the movie continues, the clues lead the audience to believe that Nick Dunne murdered his own wife. However, around halfway through the film, there is a surprising twist; Amy is still alive, and she faked her own murder.

The rest of the movie gives the audience a profile of Amy’s almost psychopathic thought process and shows the complex planning it took to blame her husband for her murder.

This movie is full of confusing plot twists and amazing performances by all actors and actresses involved. The director of the film, David Fincher, truly made all of the perfect cuts to keep the audience on the edge of their seats while hoping the movie has “just a few more minutes, to clear all of the confusion up”.

This movie is a perfect fall thriller without the gore of a horror movie, but with the depth and the intellect of an intense drama.

My Rating: 8/10