Maze Runner Bursts to the Top of the Box Office


Taken from James Dashner Website

Ruben Estrada, Staff Reporter

As summer comes to an end, most blockbusters leave the theaters, making room for more dramas, independent movies, and horror films come October. That being said, there are still a few wide range audience movies that keep seats filled. The first major one out this fall is The Maze Runner. Based on the popular young adult novel by James Dashner,  Maze Runner provides an action packed story with enough depth to avoid being a mess of an adventure movie (see Transformers 4).

The movie begins with the main character, Thomas, waking up in a colony of other boys with no previous memory of where he came from. He comes to realize that he is in the middle of a complex labyrinth and must find a way out. In his adventures through the maze, Thomas begins to learn more about who he is and why he ended up in this situation.

Through great performances from young stars and dark tone, The Maze Runner is able to stand out as something more than another action movie. While the story is displayed in a way that is more basic than the novel, there is still enough emotion as well as dynamic characters to keep the screen version interesting. This movie will attract audiences of almost all ages and provide an intense, fun filled two hours.


My rating: 6.5/10