Best TV Shows of the Fall


Ruben Estrada, Staff Reporter

While fall may bring some unwanted things, such as school and rainy weather, there are also some positives. One of things people look forward to every year is the return of their favorite television shows. Here are just of the most popular returning shows.

The Walking Dead returned Sunday, October 12, kicking off season 5 of the series. While the show has been called out for being inconsistent, the truth of the matter is it keeps audiences captivated and wanting to know what will happen to the characters next. This dark drama combines the danger if so called “walkers” with the tension between the humans as they try to survive the bitter, depressing post apocalyptic world in which they live in. Even for those who have not kept up with the show previously, there is still time, as Netflix provides all previous seasons.

One of the most beloved shows of the 2010s is Modern Family. This comedy appeals to both viewers and critics, as well as people of just about all ages. Even those who have not watched it are familiar with some references and their impact on pop culture. The star studded cast (including this year winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Ty Burrell) provides laughs in just about every scene. It simply is one of those shows that is hard not to like.

With the ending of such dramatic series as Dexter and Breaking Bad, American Horror Story seems as if it has taken the title of the most popular dark show. The show has seemed to gain somewhat of a cult following, as people anticipate the new theme of each season. This year, the sub title is Freak Show. With a theme that already puts people on edge, this could prove to be the most horrifying season yet. With the strange yet incredibly successful idea of putting the same actor in every season playing different roles, audiences can look forward to familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. While the show is definitely not for everyone (viewer discretion is advised), it is definitely a well done and intensely captivating show for those looking for a bit of frightening entertainment.

With homework, sports and other extra curricular activities kicking back into full gear, sometimes taking a break from it all can be a good thing. These and other shows are a great way to kick back and forget about the stress of it all.